Channel Strategy

A Channel Strategy defines at a high level what level of service a channel provides to its customers and how the channels work together to provide a better customer experience at a lower cost to the organisation. The process for creating a Channel Strategy involves…

  • Defining the desired to-be experience based on a careful cost analysis that includes the costs of implementing and operationalising the changes.
  • Implementing the changes and baking in measurements that support a continuous improvement process.
  • Understanding Users and creating multi channel Customer Journey Maps are critical steps to creating a Channel Strategy.
  • Identifying the opportunities for improving customer access, customer experience and reducing organisational costs.

What it provides:

At the highest level a Channel Strategy is a plan that sets out how the different channels will change over time to deliver organisational and customer value. It may include a timetable for change, key roles leading the changes and how the channel will be managed.

Typically, the Channel Strategy will provide the background rationale for why these changes are important to the organisation as well as to the customer.