The Define phase is used to gain alignment between all of the necessary stakeholders and agree what the high level scope and direction should be for a project. Workshops are used to bring all of the relevant stakeholders together so that decisions can be made based on a clear understanding of what the business and user goals are for the project.

insights and strategy

Define phase methods support the following activities:

Gathering the relevant information.

Understanding what the business goals are involves conducting Stakeholder Interviews to find out what the different business priorities and targets are within the organisation. Understanding users is critical to assess what the main user issues are with the current experience and what users want and need going forward. A Heuristic Evaluation can be used to assess the quality of the current experience and a Competitive Analysis does the same for competitive services. A benchmark study can help to understand where the important positive and negative gaps are, and potentially what the greatest opportunities will be to differentiate in the market.

Developing a Customer Experience Vision (optional).

Based on the higher strategic goals, it can be useful to develop and communicate a future Customer Experience Vision. This vision may cover what the organisation would like the customer experience to be and how the different Channels work together to achieve that vision. All projects are then able to determine where and how they support the vision going forward. Specific activities that enable the vision to be built include creating a Customer Experience Strategy, developing Customer Journey Maps and then visualising the Customer Experience Vision.

Gaining stakeholder alignment and agreeing a high level scope.

In an agile environment, a Design Sprint provides a structured process to agree a high-level scope based on understanding all the relevant information, ideating and deciding upon ideas, prototyping and validating ideas early with users. Requiring less dedicated time from stakeholders, a Customer Experience workshop is an alternative way that enables stakeholders to make project directional decisions based on a common understanding of the project, business and user goals.