Cloud technology and digital innovation have disrupted industries and are driving unprecedented change throughout the global economy, and according to SAP, it’s a simple choice. Speaking at Sapphire 2017, Hasso Plattner, Co-founder of SAP said: “I only talk about S/4HANA Cloud because that is our vision and version to go for.”

Plattner’s words ring true – the value of the worldwide public cloud services market in 2016 exceeded Gartner’s US$200bn estimation – who now predict the market value of cloud-based technology to reach US$246.8bn by the end of 2017.

To echo Gartner’s predictions, three out of four tech CFOs agreed that cloud computing would have the most measurable impact on their business in 2017, according to the Technology Outlook Survey by BDO. By taking a cloud approach, companies will transform their business models to implement new technologies and establish a platform for growth, innovation and consumer engagement.

Derek Guimond

Derek Guimond


“I only talk about S/4HANA Cloud because that is our vision and version to go for.”

Hasso Plattner – Co-founder of SAP

How might it impact business as usual?

We’re in the midst of a new era for cloud computing and looking at these rising growth statistics it poses poignant concerns for cloud sceptics. A static multinational company that ignores the risks associated with on-premise systems and decides not to invest in cloud technologies will face tougher challenges when trying to innovate – compared to businesses that adopt cloud technology.

IT departments will require more skills and TCO in five or ten years may not reflect where they want or need to be and all the while, their competitors will continue to innovate and respond to change.

Cloud technology is here to stay, according to trends in the SAP annual report. Over the past three years, R&D and marketing spend at SAP has significantly increased, with revenues from cloud sales and subscriptions at an all-time high – clearly demonstrating that this approach is the way forward for enterprises.

Enter the Digital Core

S/4HANA Cloud will underpin and create a truly consumer-centric organisation – supporting companies who are planning to transform their business model. Powered by a Digital Core, S/4HANA Cloud will provide a platform for growth, innovation and consumer engagement.

Keytree’s experience in delivering S/4HANA projects has furnished us with an unparalleled understanding of what’s involved and required when delivering digital transformation projects. Our work with Greggs, the UK’s leading ‘Food on the Go’ retailer included the deployment of SAP Retail, which was rolled out in more than 1,800 shops across the UK. Keytree also digitised the sales process at ARM by developing Deal Evaluator – a user-centric solution that manages the entire sales process, replacing all manual tasks.

We deliver digital transformation via our rapid, agile delivery methodology and SAP Activate best practices, providing a fully integrated system which can produce significant opportunities for your business now and in the long-term.

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As a leading digital and ERP consultancy, we are engaged in three prevalent trends: rapid delivery of high-value cloud-based solutions, transition planning for complex ERP solutions to simplified or cloud-based futures and integrating digital and IT functions to help established players beat the disrupters. Keytree believes the direction of travel for ambitious organisations is to move to leaner, standardised ERP solutions, rich in API access for cloud innovation and low in customisation. Keytree is ideally positioned to support businesses who are ready to move to the Digital Core. Our wealth of SAP expertise will help companies access immediate top-line benefits by maximising the efficiency of their infrastructure.

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