Keytree – Our BI Vision

In recent years, we have seen an explosion in both the volume of data and the tools, technologies and techniques deployed to add intelligence to this data. The overall goal of this increase in traffic is to enable organisations to make informed and intelligent decisions.

Falling costs of acquiring and storing large volumes of data is fuelling growth in this area, alongside the speed in which this data can be processed and analysed to provide business intelligence.

At Keytree we see the growth and demand for Business Intelligence (BI) services in several key areas:

  • Enterprise Data Warehouse solutions – data from various sources can be consolidated harmonised and standardised to provide intelligent analysis. The data can be from enterprise systems but we have already seen the growth of data sources from non-enterprise data sources.
  • Real-time data – increasingly, organisations are wanting to acquire and work data in real time. They want to and are able to analyse and make decisions on data, from various disparate sources at the ‘speed of thought’.
  • Big Data – this can be fast changing, high-volume and high-value data from many different data sources. This big data could be machine-generated data (Internet of Things), web log data to analyse online user behaviour and social data, from various unstructured and social media channels.
  • Predictive Analytics – combined with high-volume and high-velocity machine data, this is opening up the possibility and demands for predictive maintenance and monitoring, to minimise and prevent costly machine downtime.
  • Enterprise Performance – the modelling and structuring of financial models – and plans to help organisations measure the goal of improving enterprise performance.
  • Data Visualisation – we are seeing our customers ask for even more visual and graphically rich representations of this data.

Keytree has the depth of knowledge and expertise in the SAP BI tools, to help deliver successful BI projects and meet the growth in services and challenges faced by our clients.

Our expertise in Business Intelligence tools centres on:

  • SAP BW on HANA – both on-premise and cloud installed solutions.
  • Business Objects BI toolsets – Keytree has in-depth knowledge of the tools and can advise on the appropriate use of each.
  • Business Objects – Business Planning and Consolidation – we have a highly skilled and dedicated BPC team who can help with the design and deployment BPC projects.
  • SAP HANA Platform – we know that SAP HANA is more than just a very fast in-memory database and we understand the tools the platform provides. Tools including an in-memory OLAP engine, predictive analytics engine, geospatial and complex text analysis capability can be leveraged to provide very fast and complex BI solutions.
  • Hadoop – we understand that sophisticated BI solutions and big data use cases require the integration of various toolsets to meet deliver complex BI solutions – we have the expertise to leverage Hadoop into BI solutions.

The staff at Keytree provide multi-tiered services to help our clients at all stages of a successful BI engagement, by providing the following BI consulting services:

  • Engaging at a strategic level to help understand the organisational vision and value drivers, to ensure this feeds any proposed solution design.
  • Building the business case and fostering the understanding of the benefits the solution can bring to an organisation.
  • Helping with the proof of concept by providing the solutions and environments to demonstrate the art of the possible and the benefits a solution can bring. This approach helps engage key users and get buy-in from key stakeholders.
  • Building roadmaps and future visions factoring in the market leading toolsets described above and also leveraging any existing investments in BI solutions and toolsets the client may have.
  • Providing blueprint, solution design and the right project structure team – and the rights tools to realise a successful deployment of the solution.
  • Providing the on-going support to ensure that the benefits of the deployed solution are realised well into the future.

Keytree works with many top tier clients to build fruitful and insightful Business Intelligence solutions.

We have the proven methodologies and driven people who understand data, are passionate about what they do and have the experience to make it happen.

Our consultants typically have over ten years’ experience drawing expertise from various industries, helping bring this wealth of knowledge to our clients to ensure successful Business Intelligence solutions.