Digital & Analytics

Keytree provides a comprehensive range of digital services from pixel perfect web applications to innovative mobile solutions and big data analytics solutions.

We put user experience at the heart of all solutions developed. The Keytree approach starts with the user – we develop software for business needs and the user is always at the centre of the value extracted from such systems.

A well-designed web application enhances the experience of your company for all your customers, business partners and employees. Keytree builds great looking, easy to use and secure web applications that work across a range of screen sizes.

A mobile app can be your customer or employee’s most frequent touch point with your business – it is vital it is robust and easy to use.

In the world of analytics and business intelligence, falling costs of acquiring and storing large volumes of data, alongside the speed in which this data can be processed makes more data available than ever.

However, it is vital the presentation of this information to the user allows the value from this data to be appreciated. The user experience must be simple but also present understandable figures and graphics to the user.

Software Engineering

Software Engineering is critical to the delivery of good quality and easy to manage solutions. At Keytree, we have a well-developed approach and toolset and these are the methods applied at the beginning of every project.

The effort put into getting it right is paid back during the project with better visibility and easier resolution of problems, throughout the development lifecycle.

The risk with a more modern approach (such as more Agile development) is that engineering aspects of the development can be, in some cases, reduced in importance. Keytree sees the opposite being true, as more flexible approaches are more in need of a solidly engineered background.

We achieve this in a variety of ways:

  • Through an architectural approach including the engineering framework
  • Through the use of well-understood tools for the management and delivery of build
  • Through the continuous education of our employees to maintain the habits of delivering well-engineered solutions

These aspects remain relevant across all scales and a breadth of types of solution – from core systems of record to flexible user interfaces.


Analytics is a widely used term, but for Keytree it’s primarily a form of big or small data analysis where enterprises can perform analytical processes on data stored across their organisations. Enterprise analytics solutions can be a standalone information system or delivered using data mining, business intelligence, web analytics and big data analytics solutions. SAP Predictive Analytics offers capabilities for enterprises seeking insight into large volumes of data such as the abundance of information that’s generated by the Internet of Things. Furthermore, the combination of SAP’s predictive-analysis software with its InfiniteInsight suite of analytics tools will help organisations uncover trends and patterns in their extensive stores of data.

Keytree has worked with a broad range of businesses to support the development this capability through various SAP implementations. We also design and build dashboards that are simple to understand and elegant to use – with the right user experience, businesses can navigate through any visualisation to explore the source data.

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