Given the rapidly evolving situation with Coronavirus the Keytree Operational Board has reviewed and updated its Business Continuity and Pandemic Response Plan. Scenario planning is ongoing to ensure Keytree’s staff, clients and partners can best manage any disruption caused.

Keytree have an established and rehearsed business continuity plan, so we can continue to provide our full service to our customers. Both our customer service and our team members’ health and safety are paramount to us. The key principles behind Keytree Business Continuity based on distributed working using cloud tooling are:

  • Working in distributed teams, in different locations (including home working) are a standard part of our culture and working practices
  • Our services and tools are not dependent on any physical location
  • Our services and tools are deployed to a resilient cloud infrastructure
  • All our team members have access to the hardware and services they need to work remotely
  • We have policies and controls to ensure remote work is secure

We are constantly monitoring our team’s abilities to deliver to our customers without travel to offices.

Find more details on our Remote Working strategy here.

If you have any questions regarding Keytree’s response or preparedness please contact your usual Keytree representative.