Rapid innovative prototyping to extend core SAP systems on Cloud

SAP customers benefit from their enterprise class ERP platforms that continue to extend and develop in a predictable manner, but struggle to keep pace with the incredible demand for innovation within their market sector and this is where Keytree can help. We can quickly develop tailored, operable prototypes which enable our customers to see how these systems can help their business, refine requirements and go-live as soon as they are ready.

The demand requires a bimodal approach, where new and innovative cloud services are rapidly developed and integrated securely into their SAP systems of record using an agile delivery mechanism. This enables SAP customers to deliver innovations now without risk or the constraint of their existing system.

Solution Overview

Key Features

  • Extend your SAP solutions with innovative use of cloud services
  • Rapid delivery of a prototype solution that can be iterated to a production capable solution
  • Establish bi-model delivery model for innovative solutions that are sensitive to core systems of record
  • Low risk prototyping to ensure solutions meet requirements


  • Experts – Keytree have functional and technical experts in SAP and AWS cloud services that can design and deliver world class solutions
  • Low Cost – The use of cloud services allows for a true pay per use model without significant upfront investment
  • Rapid Delivery – Keytree’s agile delivery methodology allows us to rapidly deliver a working solution
  • Route to Production – Our prototypes have a clear route to becoming productive allowing customers to verify outcomes prior to commitment

How it Works

  • Whatever your challenge or desired business outcome, Keytree can provide insights into our cloud native technologies like IoT, Machine Learning, Data and Analytics
  • We can help extend your SAP solution for your customers, business partners or employees
  • Successful rapid prototyping of these technologies gives confidence that solutions can be delivered quickly and efficiently
  • It all starts with meeting our experts who can understand your requirements, demonstrate and describe innovations in the market, and collaborate on a design and plan for the prototype
  • Keytree then rapidly implement that prototype using our agile delivery teams. Customers can then assess the low risk prototype and decide whether to proceed to production

“Keytree’s advanced technical skills were fundamental in enabling us to scale our sensor-to-cloud architecture into a world-class system for full commercial deployment.”

Robert Boyce – Director at Ice Robotics

Keytree on Cloud

Keytree is a Cloud Lifecycle Partner, offering customers our tooling and expertise to optimise their cloud deployments wherever they are in their journey. We have been designing, migrating, deploying and supporting our customers on cloud platforms since 2010, with our first production go-live in 2012.

We have a deep knowledge of SAP and cloud platforms which allows us to deliver innovative solutions that get the best out of SAP and the cloud. From building the business case, migrating or deploying the workload, through to support and management – Keytree offers a full cloud lifecycle service built around our experts, enterprise-class automation and tooling.

The Keytree Solution

Keytree is an SAP Gold Partner and advanced expert partner for the major cloud platforms with a track record of delivering agile innovative solutions to SAP customers to meet the demands of its customers today.

  • We have a deep understanding of SAP products and how to integrate with them
  • We have unparalleled expertise in cloud capabilities around IoT, Analytics/Big Data, Machine Learning and RPA – allowing us to rapidly prototype solutions via our Agile Delivery Method
  • We have industry experts that work with you and our technical experts to rapidly build a working prototype

Case Studies