Understanding the true cost of cloud through expert and tools-based analysis

A key reason cited by IT executives for moving to cloud is cost efficiencies. Cloud certainly has become ubiquitously linked to “cost saving”, but for some cloud adopters the reality can be very different than the theory. This is where Keytree can help.

Understanding current costs, forecasting the equivalent cloud deployment and managing and optimising the ongoing costs of cloud need to be a fundamental part of any company’s cloud strategy. Without this, the benefits of true pay per use cloud computing can be difficult to achieve. The incredible advances in cloud technologies, underpinned by the huge investments by the hyperscalers, has seen an exponential growth in cloud deployments.

Solution Overview

Key Features

  • Keytree experts and tooling providing comprehensive cloud economic analysis
  • Analyse the current utilisation of workloads running on-premise
  • Forecast the cost of the cloud deployment before moving any workloads
  • Monitor and manage cloud workloads to ensure that they are always fully optimised


  • Experts – Keytree have technical experts in SAP and cloud services analyse systems to optimise their efficiency in line with customer requirements
  • AI Powered Tooling – Keytree using AI powered tooling which can analyse vast qualities of data and make intelligent recommendations
  • Immediate Results – Start to see outputs from our analysis immediately, allowing corrective actions to rapidly realise benefits
  • Lifecycle Service – Our service can help at any and all stages of the cloud journey, ensuring cost efficiency is fundament to your strategy

How it works

  • Our experts and tools provide deep insight into your cloud usage
  • We optimise your footprint to a true pay per cost model, wherever you are on the cloud journey
  • We can perform a one-off analysis to inform a business case for cloud, or provide an enduring service that supports your migration to cloud and the ongoing management of those services

“Submitting a funding application meant users had to navigate a range of legacy systems, which was time-consuming and inefficient. The Open Project System, created by Keytree, collates and combines all information in one centralised system, making the application process faster and easier for applicants to navigate. Exactly what we wanted.”

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The Keytree Solution

In order to ensure that cost saving is part of your cloud deployment, it must be a fundamental part of the cloud strategy from the very first day. Keytree’s Cloud Methodology:

  • Weaves analysis of cloud economics through every step, ensuring that cost savings are a factor in every decision that is made
  • We use a combination of our cloud experts with their knowledge of cloud deployments and best practices for applications and tooling that analyses vast amounts of performance data using AI
  • We look at the true cost of your on-premise infrastructure and applications and forecast the cloud costs before a single workload has been moved
  • Once the solution is deployed, the same tools and experts will be monitoring and optimising to ensure that cost saving is part of the full lifecycle

Case Studies

Keytree on Cloud

Keytree is a Cloud Lifecycle Partner, offering customers our tooling and expertise to optimise their cloud deployments wherever they are in their journey. We have been designing, migrating, deploying and supporting our customers on cloud platforms since 2010, with our first production go-live in 2012. We have a deep knowledge of SAP and Cloud Platforms which allows us to deliver innovative solutions that get the best out of SAP and the Cloud. From building the business case, migrating or deploying the workload, through to support and management, Keytree offers a full cloud lifecycle service built around our experts, enterprise class automation, and tooling.

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