Keytree’s professional Automation Factory for infrastructure and application cloud deployment

Cloud technology offers the opportunity to package the delivery of infrastructure, applications and configuration through automation. This approach creates a consistent, repeatable and operator-less way to build on cloud. At Keytree, we have witnessed the incredible advances in cloud technologies which have resulted in an exponential growth in cloud deployments.

However, the rush to consumer cloud technologies, especially in organisations where multiple projects run in parallel, has led to the deployment of mixed technologies and a lack of consistency. Organisations are in effect delivering infrastructure and applications on cloud in the same way they deliver on-premise applications. This is an opportunity missed and Keytree can help.

Solution Overview

Key Features

  • Keytree’s Cloud Automation Factory packages infrastructure, applications and configuration
  • Allows customer’s to build with code, managed and governed centrally for consistency
  • Works in all customer set ups; greenfield, mature, multi-cloud, multi-vendor, multi-application
  • Focus resources toward business value tasks, rather than installation and build


  • Experts – Keytree have technical experts in SAP and cloud services that can build automation to deploy infrastructure, applications and configurations
  • Infra, Apps, and Config as Code – Keytree’s Automation Factory will package infrastructure, applications and configuration and deliver via a CD/CI pipeline
  • Consistent, Repeatable, Operatorless – Ensure that all infrastructure and applications are delivered identically and repeatably without the need for operators
  • Matches to any Organisation – Our service maps onto any organisational set up. Whether you want deep or managerial oversight – it can work for everyone

How it Works

  • Adaptable to fit to any organisation’s set-up and scope
  • Takes the design and build artefacts from experts and wraps them in deployable code encapsulating infrastructure, applications and configuration
  • Provides tooling to deliver this capability or can utilise existing customer tools if required
  • A lifecycle service that continues to deliver new applications into the customer network, whilst resolving defects and enhancing existing ones that are already deployed
  • Fits into existing governance structures and operating models, or Keytree can provide help around that too

“Keytree’s openess and ability to work with us rapidly was exemplary. They were extremely helpful, met all the project and timetable goals and provided an excellent service across the board”

Gordon McMullen – CTO at Jaguar Land Rover

The Keytree Solution

 We provide a consistency of build that is founded on best practice and customer standards, ensuring that builds can be reproduced without the requirement of an operator/administrator at any time.

  • It frees those valuable resources from low value installation tasks to focus on adding business value
  • It reduces costs and delays to projects and operational processes, allowing customers to operate a just-in-time deployment strategy
  • The centralised building of applications, the infrastructure and configuration that runs them through our Automation Factory provides significant advantage to customers

Case Studies

Keytree on Cloud

Keytree are a Cloud Lifecycle Partner, offering customers our tooling and expertise to optimise their cloud deployments wherever they are in their journey. We have been designing, migrating, deploying and supporting our customers on cloud platforms since 2010, with our first production go-live in 2012. We have a deep knowledge of SAP and Cloud Platforms which allows us to deliver innovative solutions that get the best out of SAP and the Cloud. From building the business case, migrating or deploying the workload, through to support and management, Keytree offers a full cloud lifecycle service built around our experts, enterprise class automation, and tooling.

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