Keytree Cloud Services

Keytree has been designing, building and operating cloud solutions for a decade and in that time developed unparalleled skills and our own software tools to provide a full range of services for customers considering a shift to the cloud or have a ‘cloud first’ focus. From building the business case to migration or deployment, through to support and management, we offer a full cloud service built on our enterprise-class automation and self-service products.

We have advanced partner status and are experts in AWS and SAP Cloud Platform, with dozens of customer production deployments spanning Enterprise ERP, custom applications, mobile apps, IoT, analytics and front-end hosting.

What we do

Keytree Cloud migrate


We migrate workloads to a fully managed cloud platform based on enterprise-class architecture, automation and operations – securely and without fuss.

Keytree Cloud solutions


We build cloud native solutions that leverage the best cloud innovations available to deliver real business outcomes.

Keytree Cloud extend


We extend the capacity, capability and functionality of on-premise applications or processes through the use of cloud infrastructure and services.

Keytree Cloud DevOps


We have developed software to automate the delivery and management of applications deployed on cloud – including service-self management by customers.

Optimise SAP in the Cloud

  • Agility: We enable your SAP platform so you can respond quicker to the needs of your business
  • Ease: We automate and secure your systems for consistent and reliable service provision
  • Manage: We ensure your IT does its job so your team can focus on theirs
  • Speed: We optimise SAP releases so you can minimise release cycles and deploy more frequently
  • Innovation: We continually improve our tools and services – driving innovation for business value is our passion
  • Learn more about how Keytree helped Jaguar Land Rover optimise SAP in the cloud

Enterprise Digital Applications

  • Keytree build custom applications for all requirements
  • Keytree can migrate existing on-premise apps to the cloud based on low-cost enterprise class ‘as a service’ platforms
  • Keytree build mobile solutions – including front and backend components
  • Discover how Keytree’s managed cloud service underpins global CRM at Jaguar Land Rover

Managed Service, Tooling & Consultancy

  • Realised through our DevOps philosophy Keytree will manage your systems
  • Keytree developed tooling will automate the provisioning, management and running of your systems
  • Keytree consultants can assist with planning, implementing or optimising your cloud ambitions

Keytree Cloud Methodology

We have developed a methodology for the delivery/migration and operation of systems in the cloud. The methodology allows us to find the right platform and exploit the best features of cloud technology. It also looks to take advantage of technology advances in cloud by continually innovating and refining the solution for the best design, automation and price.


Discovery phase to understand the requirements of the solution and the qualities that are required

Keytree Cloud design


Design phase to decide the best cloud platform for the solution and to match the requirements to the best cloud technologies

Keytree Cloud automate


Look at deployment and operational tasks associated with the solution and design automation to ensure that those tasks can be automated

Keytree Cloud deploy


Deploy the solution to the cloud platform and validate the solution to the requirements, the automation tasks, audit and compliance and management

Keytree Cloud refine


Refine aspects of the solution based on operational concerns or advances in technology. Refine the cost model to ensure lowest operational cost for feature set required

Keytree Cloud operate


Manage solution and operational tasks using the management and automation tooling in place

Keytree on Cloud

Keytree is a Cloud Lifecycle Partner, offering customers our tooling and expertise to optimise their cloud deployments wherever they are in their journey. We have been designing, migrating, deploying and supporting our customers on cloud platforms since 2010, with our first production go-live in 2012.

We have a deep knowledge of SAP and cloud platforms which allows us to deliver innovative solutions that get the best out of SAP and the cloud. From building the business case, migrating or deploying the workload, through to support and management – Keytree offers a full cloud lifecycle service built around our experts, enterprise-class automation and tooling.

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