Designing, implementing and running SAP and IT systems that work for our customers today and in the future.

There is significantly more choice today than there has ever been when looking at the way IT and business solutions are built, hosted and delivered. Traditional on-premise and hosted applications have given way or blended with Cloud-based solutions such as IAAS, PAAS, and SAAS.

Deciding on the best solution is complex. Remain on-premise, move to the Cloud, or a hybrid somewhere in between?

infrastructure solutions

Keytree has a team of experts that have been working in SAP and IT for many years.

This experience allows us to listen to the business and technology qualities and attributes that a customer needs in a system or solution. We then advise on the best way to design, deploy, integrate and support that solution.

Together we can help devise solutions that provide the following:

  • Deliver to the requirements of today
  • Have a strong Roadmap for tomorrow
  • Remove obsolete, costly or risky technologies
  • Integrate into the existing landscape seamlessly
  • Achieve the best ROI possible
  • Fit with financial business requirements
  • Are secure, responsive, and have active adoption

SAP Basis Services

Making systems the best they can be with innovation, dedication, and expertise.

The running, deployment, and maintenance of SAP systems is core to the creation of rock solid platforms that our customers can rely on. Being on the right solution, with the right version, configuration, processes, and strategies in place is crucial to our success in delivering these platforms.

Keytree’s Basis consultants have many years of experience delivering and configuring SAP’s core solutions as well as their business intelligence, integration, and mobility platforms – even when working on SAP HANA.

Keytree can provide the following SAP Basis services:

  • Installation, configuration, and integration of SAP products
  • Infrastructure design of SAP and the underlying platform
  • SAP upgrades, migration and technology refresh
  • Strategies for high availability, disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Versioning and change management for SAP and non-SAP products
  • Support for multiple concurrent projects and on-going support
  • Health checks, troubleshooting and system optimisation
  • Enterprise monitoring and alerting systems
  • Automation
  • Design and review of operational support procedures
  • On-site and remote environment support, including web-based service desk

Our experts are happy to work in a team with your experts to come up with the right solution and work towards a common goal. Alternatively, if you want to get on with the job of running your business while we deliver without fuss or changes, we can do that too.

Solution Manager

Unlocking the true benefits of SAP Solution Manager that allow customers to be able to simplify and automate IT processes, as well as deliver business intelligence about critical processes.

Keytree continues to see customers that only utilise the basic minimum functionality of Solution Manager within their SAP estate. The components present themselves like a giant tile puzzle – complex to solve, quickly discarded and only thought about when necessary.

Keytree has been working with SAP Solution Manager to unlock its best features and make it a valuable enterprise lifecycle tool for our customers.

Take for example our customer with a project and business as usual landscape and a very active change plan. Keytree delivered ChaRM and Retrofit to allow them to automate the application of business as usual changes into the project track.

This ensures accuracy and consistency in the environments and reduces the amount of rework, freeing up key personnel to perform tasks with higher value.

Come and talk to Keytree about the features that could be of value:

  • Business Process Operations
  • Change Control Management
  • IT Service Management
  • SAP Infrastructure Management
  • SAP Test Management
  • Performance Analysis & Diagnostics
  • Lifecycle Tooling
  • Code automation with Retrofit

So whether you have a multi-track SAP estate and would like to automate the application code and configuration changes between them, or would like true BPM dashboards that give valuable information about critical processes – SAP Solution Manager and Keytree is the answer.

Migrating to the Cloud

Keytree’s approach to Cloud technologies gives every customer access to all the benefits, not just the bits that are easy to deliver.

Keytree has been hosting our IT solutions and laboratory in the cloud for years. Being an Agile and innovative consultancy we needed to be able to react quickly to the demands of our teams and our customers. Having a Cloud strategy was quite simply a mandatory part of the way that we operate.

That experience and expertise now helps our customers run global SAP solutions, retail online shopping sites, mobility platforms, and so much more. All productive, secured, and run by Keytree.

But just being on the Cloud is not enough. We wanted to unlock all the promise that the Cloud offered and made that available to all.

  • Precise resource for the demand
  • Total flexibility
  • Instant availability
  • Systems that work when you do, and not a penny more
  • Systems that scale on demand without the need for an operator
  • Automated system provisioning at the press of a button
  • Solutions for backup, high availability, and disaster recovery
  • Tooling that allows customers to self-service their estate

Quite simply, if you are not getting these benefits, then you are not getting Cloud.

So if you are thinking about cloud or are thinking that your current provider just put the word cloud in front of hosting, and you do not see any of the real benefits…

Come and talk to Keytree. We have strategy, expertise, and tooling to make a difference.