Click by Keytree

Click is a software tool designed specifically to assist with, and simplify, the build and installation of cloud deployments, cutting through the complexity of infrastructure, applications and processes. A non-technical workforce can now perform technically challenging tasks.

Click is a key component of a customer’s cloud operating model, helping them harness the full potential of their cloud deployments, driving consistency, standardisation and speed of deployment within the organisation. The tool guides the user through the process of building and operating the organisations cloud systems, prompting responses based on the correct standards and best practice.

Click connects architecture, project support and service management teams streamlining working processes around the deployment, support and operational and financial management of IT systems.

Cloud technology offers the opportunity to package the delivery of infrastructure, applications and configuration through automation.

Click creates a consistent, repeatable and operator-less way to build on cloud.

Key functionality:

  • Enables developers or support teams to build private systems for exploratory or diagnostic work
  • Guided procedures with non-technical language enable self-service creation of systems
  • Automate the deployment, installation, and configuration of infrastructure, software and processes
  • Schedule and automate operational tasks including patching, systems copies, backups
  • Integrate Click with other enterprise tooling such as backup, security scanning, performance testing, data management
  • Click enforces best practise, company policy, security standards, and cost management parameters
  • Build automation enables the building of any app and is platform agnostic
  • Save costs by switching from always on to scheduled availability or availability on demand
  • Customers can extend Click to manage their own automation developments
  • Integrated CD/CI pipeline for delivery, management and audit
  • Click incorporates FinOps and approvals to ensure finance controls

Click is a highly extensible platform that can be used to deploy any application across any automatable platform. Keytree continues to maintain and add features and templates to the product, whilst also enabling our customers to extend the capability themselves.

Why Keytree:

  • We have been designing, migrating, deploying and supporting our customers on cloud platforms since 2010, with our first production go-live in 2012
  • Advanced partner status and are experts in AWS, Azure and SAP Cloud Platform, with dozens of customer production deployments spanning Enterprise ERP, custom applications, mobile apps, IoT, analytics and front-end hosting.
  • Recipeint of SAP’s highest accolade – 2020 SAP® Pinnacle Award: SAP Cloud Platform Partner of the Year
  • Proven success with app development with our apps currently in use in over 64 countries and 14 languages worldwide
  • We have developed a methodology for the delivery/migration and operation of systems in the cloud. The methodology allows us to find the right platform and exploit the best features of cloud technology.
  • We build custom applications for all requirements
  • Keytree build mobile solutions – including front and backend components
  • Keytree offers a full cloud lifecycle service built around our experts, enterprise-class automation and tooling

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