Keytree & SAP to host a webinar on an end-to-end Retail solution to modern retail challenges

At the end of Q1 Keytree launched its first SAP Qualified Packaged Solution – Bridge for Retail, a solution built by retail experts for retailers, and was invited to present it to SAP and SAP customers at the recent Global Partner Summit and Sapphire NOW 2019. Keytree commercial director Andrew Miller was on hand to present and SAP’s Dieter Sauer, Head of EMEA North – SAP Partner Solution Center, did the introductions, highlighting the success SAP is seeing with the SAP Qualified Partner Package programme. Bridge for Retail is the first, and only, SAP Qualified Packaged Solution for Retail in the UK & Ireland.

We were delighted with the reaction to the solution – the first of its kind in the UK & Ireland, with several attending retailers vocally identifying with the challenges Bridge for Retail was specifically created to solve. The end-to-end solution harmonises data, UI and transactions from underlying SAP systems such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP C/4HANA Suite, SAP SuccessFactors solutions and SAP Cloud Platform plus SAP Forecasting & Replenishment and SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) providing one seamless solution using advanced SAP technologies and harnessing our deep understanding of the retail industry and Intellectual Property.

Joe Campbell

Head of VAR & Managed Service Commercial

How Bridge for Retail can help your retail business

On 24 June Keytree and SAP will host a webinar to discuss in detail how Bridge for Retail can help your retail business, including how it can be implemented quickly, easily and cost-effectively as a whole or in individual components as part of a longer-term digital transformation programme. The solution is cloud-based, charged on a monthly subscription basis. For a medium-sized retailer, our full scope Bridge package can be delivered for an all-inclusive price of between £250 and £350 per user per month, or for between £1.75 and £2.25 per online order delivered. This includes all software, hardware, hosting, implementation and support services over five years.

Retailers can be up and running with the full solution in as little as ten weeks and with a module-by-module approach, they can start small with the functionality most urgently required and build from there whenever they choose. Bridge for Retail combines industry best practices to reduce back-office costs, harmonise the customer journey to maximise sales opportunities and improve retailers store profitability and value.

KIT, Keytree’s own IP, a Clienteling and Assisted Selling solution, currently in retail stores across the world, provides an additional seamless layer of functionality that harmonises the online and offline retail journeys and provides the store associate with a 360-degree customer view.

Today, we are living in a cloud world. Cloud solutions are scalable, easier to consume, quicker to deliver and offer faster time-to-value. But even before the cloud revolution, Keytree has been committed to delivering projects in new innovative ways to provide business value. Since Keytree’s inception in 2006, we have had an Agile and DevOps culture, moving away from the more traditional waterfall approach to software projects.

This means Bridge for Retail can evolve faster to suit current and future business challenges in real-time. Customers use it, ask for additional functionality and we can continually update and innovate. Customers are always getting the best iteration of the solution, and it grows with their business.

Customer Experience (CX) and User Experience (UX) have been at the core of what we do since the very beginning. We have expert researchers who take an in-depth look at a customer’s processes – the team spend days and sometimes weeks in shops, warehouses and offices doing in-depth analysis and strategic planning. We can then offer the very best solution tailored to that specific business. We invest a lot of time and money in R&D. Bridge for Retail is a golden thread – linking the online and offline customer sales journeys from web and store right back through to the distribution centre.

We have two products in the SAP App Center – KIT and Matrix Booking and now we have our first SAP Qualified Partner Package – Bridge for Retail. We are working on other packages: Bridge for CPG, Bridge for Professional Services and Bridge for Back Office which will be the next package to go through the SAP qualification process.

About Bridge for Retail

Bridge for Retail by Keytree provides a comprehensive subscription-based cloud solution which reduces back office costs, increases efficiency and profitability, enhances revenue and offers a seamless customer experience. We have created an integrated solution using the latest SAP products, simplified and configured for the needs of any organisation selling directly to consumers. SAP components used include S/4HANA, C/4HANA, SuccessFactors and IP developed by Keytree on the SAP Cloud Platform. As the solution is entirely cloud-based, hardware, infrastructure, hosting, software versions and upgrades are no longer a stumbling block.

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