Preparing you for better results today and into the future

Consumer trends and technology are transforming the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry, but also creating opportunities for medium-sized brand owners to leapfrog the competition. Our experience of CPG and brand owning businesses has identified several common challenges:

  • Disparate and ineffective systems slow your ability both to identify threats and opportunities and to take necessary real-time action to maximise sales and profit.
  • Planning and forecasting need to balance fulfilment rates and getting products into the hands of consumers against inappropriate inventory levels and the risk of slow-moving stock.
  • Promotions planning and management need to maximise the overall profitability, both of existing brands and new products, not just increase sales volumes.
  • Integrate information from end consumers into your processes, and potentially open new and direct sales channels and experiences.
  • New products have to progress from the drawing board to the store shelf in record time, and stocks of all products need to be kept to an appropriate level.

What is Bridge for Consumer Packaged Goods

Bridge for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) is a cloud-based software solution, designed specifically for CPG businesses, to power the key business functions and deliver products to retailers and consumers with maximum efficiency and profitability. Bridge for CPG combines the best of SAP technology with Keytree industry experience to provide a solution that:

  • Is pre-configured so it can be deployed rapidly
  • Is optimised for businesses selling consumer packaged goods
  • Is tried and tested and qualified by SAP
  • Reduces costs
  • Increases profitability

Key Consumer Packaged Goods requirements and innovations embedded in our solution

Keytree and its staff have implemented solutions to multiple CPG and brand owning organisations, and we have ensured that our packaged solution has end to end solutions for many CPG specific requirements, for example:

  • The ability to plan, record transactions and report financials consistently across multiple dimensions (brand, sub-brand, category, packaging type, etc.).
  • The scope to build integrated plans that take account of promotions, retailer POS data and enable VMI processes where you plan distribution in your distributors networks.

Bridge for CPG – package benefits

For your business

  • More accurate forecasting and profitability analysis by the customer and product dimension of your choice.
  • Lower stock levels, while maintaining order fulfilment and stock availability.
  • Better targeted promotions, with less admin support effort.
  • Cloud-based solution – no hardware, no upfront costs and flexible contract terms.

For your employees

  • Simpler and more integrated systems (no need to re-key data).
  • A modern and consistent user interface and ability to work on PC, tablet or mobile.
  • Reporting of exceptions in order to guide priorities.

For your customers

  • Continued availability of core products through traditional channels.
  • Extended ranges and innovative products made available to consumers through traditional and new channels.

Pricing & Implementation

Bridge for CPG is aimed at medium-sized organisations with 200-1000 employees. The core solution is available for an all inclusive subscription price £250-£350 per employee, per month depending on user numbers and the scope of functionality required. The core solution can be implemented in as little as five months or phased with individual modules delivered within eight weeks.

To find out more about Bridge for CPG contact Neil Rogers, CPG Industry Director at